Medicom Worldwide
Making Sense of Science

MediCom’s commitment to an integrated educational approach ensures the development of targeted programs that meet the specific needs of health care professionals across a diverse array of therapeutic areas.

Spotlight on Oncology

MediCom specializes in developing diverse educational initiatives that support the educational and practical needs of community oncologists and oncology nurses.

Comprehensive Online Communities

MediCom’s online communities are developed by health care professionals, for health care professionals, to meet their
unique educational and practical needs.

Innovative Cutting-Edge Technology

Programmed to meet a diverse array of format preferences
and learning styles, MediCom’s online communities are
designed to meet the needs of health care professionals
amidst the ever-changing technology landscape.

Learner FocusedEducation

Scientifically rigorous, clinically relevant content, built on demonstrated educational gaps: the cornerstone of MediCom’s educational approach.


Proven Leader in Educating Healthcare Professionals, Specializing in Comprehensive Online Communities

Established in 1993 by registered nurse, Carolyn Sturgis, MediCom Worldwide, Inc. remains a women-owned and led small business. MediCom is a full-service ACCME/ACPE/CNE accredited provider of independent continuing medical education that strives to create activities that have a measurable, positive impact on clinical practice and patient outcomes. Our complex and highly-effective curricula have educated over one million healthcare professionals...

Our Mission

MediCom Produced Programs Allow Clinicians to Adopt Key Learnings into their Practice for Better Patient Outcomes

The mission and purpose of MediCom is to support the optimal delivery of healthcare by contributing to the continuing education needs of practicing healthcare professionals. We achieve this by identifying key practice gaps through rigorous assessments of clinicians, and by developing clinically relevant and evidenced-based education. ...


A Dedicated Team of Professionals Providing Clinically Relevant Continuing Education Activities Across a Broad Spectrum of Therapies

MediCom is committed to the development and implementation of scientifically relevant, fair-balanced, and evidence-based continuing education programs. Through our extensive experience in highly complex therapeutic areas, combined with our innovative technology, MediCom is able to not only reach a targeted clinical audience, but to maintain continuous engagement with these busy healthcare professionals. Ongoing strategic analyses...