Established in 1993, MediCom Worldwide, Inc. is a full-service, accredited, independent medical education company that has educated over a million health care professionals through more than 800 diverse educational activities.

Central to MediCom’s practice is the emphasis on compliant, scientifically rigorous and clinically relevant content, built on demonstrated educational gaps.  When combined with delivery mechanisms that use cutting-edge technology in multiple delivery formats to facilitate learner-focused education, MediCom’s educational initiatives have proven, measurable impact on clinical practice.

MediCom supports the continuing education needs of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals by working closely with a variety of experts and key opinion leaders in the development, delivery, and enhancement of educational programs.

Our Mission

MediCom Worldwide, Inc. is solely dedicated to serving as a resource to health care professionals in the area of continuing education. The mission of MediCom’s physician, pharmacy and nursing education programs is to provide innovative, relevant, scientifically rigorous and timely educational opportunities to health care professionals that positively influence patient outcomes. As part of this mission, MediCom incorporates defined outcome measurements for each of its planned activities.  MediCom continuously analyzes the impact of each offering on the participant’s immediate learning, as well as on that individual’s behavior in the practice setting, thereby ensuring achievement of the desired results.

Therapeutic Areas

MediCom is committed to the delivery of scientifically robust evidence-based health care education programs. Based on this commitment, MediCom has focused its therapeutic expertise in certain key areas. Areas of therapeutic expertise include:

  • Hematologic malignancies
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Pain management, including risk management programs

What Makes MediCom Different

Proven Leader in Educating Health Care Professionals,
Specializing in Comprehensive Online Communities

MediCom is dedicated to the development and provision of interactive, engaging and clinically relevant continuing education activities, tools and resources for health care professionals.  To reach the largest audience of these professionals as cost-effectively as possible, MediCom specializes in developing interactive, multimedia-based online clinician communities that support best practices and improved patient outcomes.  These online communities are developed to meet the specific educational and practice support needs of either specialists or more general health care professionals, and are targeted directly to clinicians practicing in the relevant therapeutic areas.

MediCom established itself as an innovator in online communities when it launched the Emerging Solutions in Pain (ESP) community in February 2005.  This community provides pain specialists and primary care clinicians with education, tools and resources that minimize the risk of opioid misuse, abuse and addiction.  Today, the ESP website ( has approximately 230,000 unique user sessions annually; more than 6.4 million pain management-focused pieces of content are consumed every year through the ESP community.  The ESP website is complemented by both iPhone/iPad and Android apps, as well as by a dedicated Internet-based streaming radio station that will reach more than 21,000 users in 2011.

MediCom has also developed the Managing Myeloma community ( as an interactive online initiative that focuses on the educational and practice-support needs of community oncologists and oncology nurses who treat patients with multiple myeloma.  This site, which is targeted to the unique needs of this clinical group, has over 180,000 unique user sessions annually, and is also complemented by extensive multimedia-based programs, iPhone, iPad and Android apps, and a streaming radio station.

Other online communities include initiatives focusing on migraine, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Cutting-Edge Broadcasting Technology that Cost-effectively Enhances Learning

MediCom is dedicated to continuously seeking out and incorporating the most innovative and advanced technology in its educational initiatives.  One cornerstone of MediCom’s multimedia-based online communities is the Clinical Dialogues™ series, featuring innovative Q-Cast™ technology, a streaming Internet broadcast system that results in online video productions similar in style and visual effect to standard television studio productions.  Clinical Dialogues featuring Q-Cast technology:

  • Allow faculty members to interact with each other in real time, regardless of their geographic location or level of technical expertise, to create dynamic and engaging visual productions that increase participant engagement
  • Facilitate participant interaction with world-renowned clinical expert faculty, through an easy-to-use interface similar in style and appearance to television news broadcasts
  • Facilitate data collection before, during and after each activity, thereby allowing ongoing analysis of the educational effectiveness of the content and participant engagement
  • Create engaging self-study activities, in which participants may view, listen to or read the educational content, according to their preferred format
  • Encourage participants to view, in real-time, the cumulative responses of their peers to each interactive question
  • Are broadcast in high-definition, utilizing “green screen” technology that can be finished with virtual sets ranging from simple backgrounds to full-spectrum productions featuring multiple digital feeds, diverse camera angles, virtual shadows and broadcast-style effects